Postgraduate Courses In UK

Over 400,000 international students from over 180 countries come to study in the UK every single year. Students come here to study at one of the many prestigious universities, which all have an excellent reputation for research and technology. From London to Edinburgh and beyond – the UK has much to offer its student population.

Applying to study in the UK is very simple, whether you live in the country or come from abroad. Each university will have its own entry rules, but generally all you have to do is apply directly to the international office of your chosen university.

Some institutes may ask you to apply through the Postgraduate Applications Centre, but this is also very clear and simple via their website and instructions.


Pre-Masters courses are a popular choice for international students looking to enhance their English language skills in the UK before beginning a postgraduate degree. These courses can be found at many institutions across the UK, some of which will guarantee entry onto a Master’s course once your Pre-Masters is complete.

Masters Degrees

Masters degrees usually last for just 1 year and are either taught or research focused. Diplomas are also available at postgraduate level and although these can vary in length, they are often shorter than Master’s Degrees and may charge lower fees. Postgraduate study is focused on individual study to an even greater extent than undergraduate courses. However, there is still plenty of support available to postgraduate students via university services or an academic supervisor.

Admission Entry Requirements

A high standard is generally required for postgraduate courses and usually students are required to have at least a 2.1 classification in their undergraduate degree. Orient Resources Int will be able to provide advice on exactly how your qualifications match up.

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