secrets-of-the-secret-place-300x300Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known My name. Psalm 91:14

In the secret place of the Most High, the Holy Spirit pours the love of God into our hearts (Romans 5:5). We become attached to the Lord. Desire for Jesus consumes us; like David, our soul begins to yearn for more of God each day. We continually hunger and thirst for Him as He fills us in His Presence   (Matthew 5:6). In January 1998, I underwent a two-week intensive prayer and fasting. During the period, I spent about ten hours praying each day. The Presence of God became real to me. That was when my experiences in the secret place actually began. I would cry for hours in His Presence as His love engulfed me.

I cannot sufficiently express the sweet feeling that I experienced as I sat before the Lord in prayer and worship. Sometimes, I would wake up to be told that I sang and cried in my sleep. At times I woke up to find tears in my eyes. There is no sweet feeling compared to the feeling we have from loving the Lord. This experience has continued till date; and I always say aside all my imperfections, one thing remains sure in my mind; I love the Lord and He knows I do. In actual sense, this love is the fire that has kept me unrelenting in my zeal for His Kingdom’s advancement.

In Psalm 91:14, the Lord Himself speaks of love for Him as a gate to our deliverance. We are delivered not necessarily because we are perfect before Him, but because with all our imperfections we continue to love our God. The Hebrew word, Chashaq (pronounced khaw-shak’) is the word for love in this verse. A primitive root of the word means to cling, delight in, desire or long for. The secret place favorably disposes us towards clinging to and delighting in the Lord.