secrets-of-the-secret-place-300x300He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High… Psalm 91:1

Sceva was a Jewish chief priest who resided in Ephesus. This religious leader had seven sons who were strangers to the secret place. They had no relationship with God’s Presence and for that matter Jesus Christ. Yet they expected to reap the same results that people who dwelled in the secret place enjoyed. Consequently, a demon-possessed man introduced them to shame and pain- in Acts 19:16. They were dressed in their birthday suits and messed in bloody wounds from the beatings of the possessed man; the seven vagabonds ran for their dear lives.

Being committed to church activities or being related to a man or woman of God does not automatically translate into dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. Indeed, there are many church goers and workers who are far from the secret place. And there are many sons and daughters of great bishops who are nowhere near the secret place. They do not dwell in God’s Presence hence do not know Jesus Christ. Such people have no legitimate grounds to expect results from piously quoting Psalm 91.

In Acts 19:15, the fierce demon openly acknowledged the authority of Jesus- in other words the authority of the secret place. It also conceded that Paul dwelled in this secret place. Then the demon went on to ask the seven sons of Sceva, and I paraphrase, “But what sort of men are you who do not dwell in the secret place, have no relationship with Jesus and yet seek my submission to you?” Before they could say Jack Robinson, the man pounced on them and beat them black and blue.

Before you declare Psalm 91 and expect favorable results, make sure you dwell in the Most High’s secret place. Yashab (pronounced yaw-shab’) is the Hebrew word for dwell. It means to remain, sit or abide. It also alludes to sitting down, staying, being set, and being inhabited. A primitive root of the word also alludes to sitting down specifically as judge, in ambush or in quiet. It also means to settle, marry, continue, endure, tarry, or to be established.

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