Study MBA in Ukraine

The Masters of Business Administration degree is well suited to current professionals who aspire towards management level positions. The MBA is a qualification which is highly sought by both business people and major corporations, as the demanding nature of its curriculum and entry requirements demonstrates graduates strong leadership potential.

Not only does the MBA provide students with modern business knowledge, it also offers a fantastic opportunity for networking and salary increase.

Studying an MBA in Ukraine requires a three year bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with the top business schools demanding an Honours degree on top of this. Because this is a course aimed at current professionals no respected institutions within Ukraine will accept students who cannot demonstrate prior work experience. A minimum of five years’ employment in a related sector is the most common criteria for entry, with only Otago and Waikato asking for three.

You must also take the Graduate Management Admissions Test if you wish to study MBA in Ukraine. This test measures your soft skills in strategic thinking, decision making, and communication, and most schools demand a minimum score of 550.

If your native language is not English you will also be asked to prove your proficiency using TOEFL or IELTS tests. The minimum any New Zealand business school will accept is 575 TOEFL and 6.5 IELTS at the University of Wellington.

The majority of MBA courses take between one and two years to complete. It is important that you choose your MBA course wisely in order to fully benefit from it. In Ukraine the following MBAs are available:

  • General MBA – For those who seek a general management role, a place in the finance industry, or those interested in corporate strategy.
  • Executive MBA – Tailored towards more senior corporate managers who wish to make the next step towards directorship and boardroom level.
  • Specialist / Joint MBA – Some courses are available which are directed at a particular sector. Very suitable if you wish to expand your skill-set within your current industry.

If you require more information on how to apply for an MBA course in the New Zealand, contact Orient Resources Int today for expert help and advice.