Travel and Tourism Management

Our range of services in these areas are:

  • Airline Ticketing/bookings
  • Tourism Investments Consultancy
  • Supporting travel documentation services
  • Tour and Guiding Services
  • Travel hotel/accommodation/feeding/transport arrangements.
  • Other supporting services

Orient Resources International is a customer focused tourism and investment company. We have a strong affinity for facilitating tourism development, marketing, as well as trade and commercial development in Ghana. We are experienced in driving tourism, trade and investment in Ghana and it gives us unique access to the worlds who are interested in investing in the Tourism sector of Ghana

By pursuing a strategy based on value added customer services, Our Travel and Tourism Management aims to gain recognition as a leader in the global air transportation market. In achieving this, we keep developing ourselves and establish lasting relationships with all our clients.

We provide our clients with detailed information on air fares of all airline companies, for comparative purposes to help them choose the one which best suits their requirements and budget.



Human Resource Capacity Services

We help our clients in accessing and recruiting the best calibre to fill the right positions using optimal resources best available. Our company takes the burden off our clients, allowing them concentrate on their core competences. Whether it is contract, regular or domestic staff basis, we are reliable.

Orient Resources International is also a Human Capital Development firm poised to deliver world class human resources services in a qualitative and innovative manner to our teeming Corporate and Private clientele.

Through our trusted business solutions gateway, we ensure that only competent and productive workforce finds their way to our clients. Furthermore, our comprehensive training and development programmes provide continuous learning curve, skills updates, professional and intellectual knowhow to prepare the workforce for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

International Education Services

It has always been the aim of Orient Resources International to assist students to facilitate admission in their field of interest and to provide proper career guideline regarding the admission procedure, while delivering Travel documentation Services and training to many prospective students.

Orient Resources International provides services which range from counselling, application and enrolment of students to accredited Institutions of Higher Learning, assistance with visa applications, accommodation arrangements, booking and arranging of flight tickets and airport pick-up and pre-departure briefings.

Our ICT services and training includes web development of latest technologies to leverage the benefits offered by the internet infrastructure available in different countries.


Events Planning

Exhibition /Trade Shows – We aim to organise tourism and business promotion fairs for Ghanaian entities to participate locally and abroad.

Our trade shows will cover the display of arts and craft, fashion, showcasing of tourism sites, among others.

Event planning requires foresight; thus we follow through and give attention to details in terms of reference, planning tools, target group, budget in line client’s request.

Courier Service

When you need expedited Delivery service, Orient Express is your solution.

Providing solutions worldwide, Orient can pick up anywhere, anytime and get your shipment on the next possible flight to its destination. Offering Same-Day and Time-Definitive Delivery, our premium products are designed to meet the toughest of deadlines.

Just call and we will pick your package up within one hour. Our special service representatives will schedule your shipment right away and find the best possible route to destination. Orient Express maintains the Chain of Custody thru to destination and offers tracking for each step of the way.