Postgraduate Courses in Ukraine

With a burgeoning reputation for excellence, more and more international students from around the world are exploring the range of postgraduate courses in Ukraine.

The people are known for their welcoming nature, so what educational options does the country have to offer?

Postgraduate Studies in Ukraine

If you are familiar with the British higher educational system then the Ukraine model will be instantly recognisable. There are eight universities in Ukraine, all of which offer Masters courses in a diverse array of subjects. These eight institutions all rank in the world’s top 100 universities in 31 different subjects, with the most popular being business, economics, education, and engineering courses.

Types of Course

Postgraduate study in Ukraine comprises of three categories. Taught Masters allow you to obtain an MA, MSc, or MEng qualification, and their schedule of lectures and independent study is very similar to an undergraduate study program. Alternatively a Research Masters focuses on one particular topic, enabling you to obtain an MRes or MA by Research qualification whilst also improving your research skills. This course is a popular precursor to those studying the third type of postgraduate study; the Doctorate or PhD. These generally take four years to complete, whereas most other postgraduate courses take one or two years.

Ukraine Entry Requirements

An international student who plans to study in Ukraine for longer than three months will require both a student visa and a student permit, unless your country already has a study agreement in place with Ukraine. Contact your nation’s Ukraine embassy for more details about any costs and requirements in applying.

Admission Entry Requirements

Admission to a postgraduate certificate or diploma is granted based on your educational qualifications and the discretion of the department you are applying to. The minimum requirement is often a three year bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and qualifications which were not gained in Ukraine will have to be assessed for their educational credibility before acceptance. You must also meet certain English language standards in many of Ukraine’s universities.

Study in Ukraine with Orient Resources Int.

In addition to Ukraine’s eight fantastic universities there are also many institutes of technology and polytechnics which offer equally excellent postgraduate programs. If you are considering a Ukraine postgraduate education and you have questions about how to make this happen, contact Orient Resources Int today for some expert advice.