Study English in Estonia

Many international students dream of going abroad to study English in a native-speaking country, but due to its bi-lingual nature many overlook Estonia as a potential destination for their studies.

In fact Estonia has a fantastic range of English courses in Estonia for international students, and several different qualifications available for those of differing proficiency.

Studying English in Estonia

If you have decided to study English in Estonia it is important you choose the right qualification. IEC Abroad has links with many different language courses which are designed to meet the needs of second language speakers (ESL). Whether you would like to achieve a formal qualification in English for university purposes, or you would simply like to learn English for your own enjoyment, we can help you every step of the way.

General and Intensive English

The most popular courses of English in Estonia are general and short-term intensive programs, and these can be studied on university campuses, at secondary schools, and at independent language colleges.

Before arriving, it’s important that you have acquired the right Estonia study visa depending on the length of your stay. However, if your course lasts fewer than six months in length there may be no need to acquire a study permit, although we do recommend speaking with one of our advisers for any concerns you may have when applying to study in Estonia. Intensive courses can sometimes last as little as two months, but both general and intensive English programs typically help you to develop practical English fluency for travel or work, and focus on speaking, listening, and writing.

The majority of Estonia universities have partnerships with local language schools who offer courses specifically tailored to those attending university. There are different levels of study available designed for those of varying proficiency, and their timetables are often flexible to allow a student to fit their language lessons around a typical university timetable.

These courses are intended to help international students develop their vocabulary and build grammar skills to prepare them for university study, and can be studied part-time or full-time over several months or a year.

IELTS / TOEFL Exam Preparation

IELTS and TOEFL are the internationally recognised English language tests which most English-speaking universities ask for as part of their entry requirements. Both of these qualifications are effective ways to demonstrate your English proficiency to both academic institutions and businesses, and can be taken at various levels of difficulty in Estonia. These courses can often be taken at any point throughout the year, and your studies can be tailored to help meet specific criteria if required.

Business & Advanced English Courses

Students who are about to enroll in Estonia business school or who are looking to work in the Estonia business sector often undertake specific business language courses. These programs aim to give you context and a cultural understanding of business terms and jargon found within Estonia business.

These courses are often intensive but very flexible, for example the Estonia College of English Language offers a Business English course that lasts twelve weeks, but can be enrolled onto at any time. These courses are available at both universities and private language schools.

The Cambridge English courses help learners of various levels with general English through to professional English and teaching qualifications. Additionally there are CELTA, TEFL, and TESOL courses specifically designed for those who wish to teach English to others. These are all internationally recognised qualifications which demonstrate your mastery of the English language, and are highly sought by universities, employers, and governments around the world.

The length of an English language course in Estonia can range from one week to a year, depending on your specific requirements. For more information on studying in Estonia as an international student, simply get in touch with IEC Abroad today.