Study English in Ireland

With its strong history of literary tradition it is no surprise that many international students are choosing to study English in Ireland.
Learning a language is far easier when living in a country which speaks it, and whether you are a beginner or an expert there are plenty of English courses in Ireland for international students.

Studying English in Ireland

If you have decided to study English in Ireland it is important you choose the right qualification. Orient Resources Int has links with many different language courses which are designed to meet the needs of second language speakers (ESL).

There are a huge number of English language courses available but it is important to discern whether or not a course is accredited before you begin. Language school accreditation is not compulsory in Ireland, but for a list of those which do hold accreditation consult the ICOS guide and look for courses which are recognised by ACELS, as these are of the highest quality.

General and Intensive English

These general courses build language fluency for everyday use, by improving your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and can be taken either in a group or in solo sessions. A general course in English can be taken over several months or condensed into a shorter period, such as one month.

However, to be accepted onto a full Irish study visa your course must last longer than 25 weeks. There are some visas available for short courses, but you should consult an agency such as Orient Resources Int to determine if you are suitable for one.

Foundation and Access Courses

If you are preparing for a period of study at an Irish university then these courses are very useful, and in some cases a mandatory part of the application procedure. English language foundation courses are usually provided by a university or an official partner, and can be taken intensively or throughout your studies.

IELTS / TOEFL Exam Preparation

IELTS and TOEFL are the internationally recognised English language tests which most English-speaking universities ask for as part of their entry requirements. These qualifications are effective ways to demonstrate your English skills to both academic institutions and businesses, and can be taken at any point throughout the year. If you are struggling to achieve the IELTS or TOEFL grades required by a university, this is an excellent study option.

Business English

If you are beginning a job in Ireland a Business English course can help you learn the cultural context and technical jargon required to communicate effectively in any particular field. You will also receive training on how to conduct presentations, how to speak in a meeting, and some brief negotiating skills in order to give your lessons a business context.

Additionally there are some courses which provide work placements to help you gain on the job experience and test your classroom knowledge.

Vacation Courses

There are both young learner and adult vacation courses available in Ireland, and these involve taking part in cultural, social, and sporting endeavours whilst simultaneously improving your English fluency. These courses are short-term programs and are typically offered by language schools rather than universities.

Advanced English Courses

Irish language schools and universities offer Cambridge English courses to help learners of various levels with general English through to professional English and teaching qualifications. Additionally there are CELT, TEFL, and TESOL courses specifically designed for those who wish to teach English to others.

The length of an English language course in Ireland can range from one week to a year, depending on your specific requirements. For more information on English language courses in Ireland contact Orient Resources Int today.