Study MBA in Cyprus

Studying for the Masters of Business Administration degree is considered a major step for business professionals who wish to move into a more senior position within their industry.

The MBA was created as a way to develop and share modern business techniques and practices, but has now developed into something far more substantial, and as such is desired by both individuals and companies across the world.

Not only does the course offer people a chance to network with other business professionals, it also drastically increases your earning potential, and nowhere more so than Cyprus.

Students who gained their MBA in Cyprus earn on average AU$120,229 (US$113,100) within a year of graduation; the highest salary increase out of every nation on the planet offering the course. Fees at the 38 educational institutions in Cyprus running the MBA course range from AU$22,040 at Cyprus Catholic, to $95,000 at the University of Melbourne.

Three Cyprus MBA institutions are ranked within the world’s top 100 business schools; Macquarie Graduate School of Management, AGSM at UNSW Business School, and the University of Melbourne.

Studying in Cyprus for your MBA often requires the applicant to have a substantial amount of prior work experience, but some smaller institutions will accept alternative qualifications. This may include a bachelor’s degree, a significant professional qualification, or the completion of a pre-MBA course.

MBA courses which are AMBA accredited require at least two to three years of work experience minimum, and many also demand a three year bachelor’s degree in a related subject.

You must also take the Graduate Management Admissions Test if you wish to study MBA in Cyprus, especially at the nation’s top business schools. This test measures your soft skills in strategic thinking, decision making, and communication, and the top 10 Australian MBA providers require an average score of 650.

Additionally any students whose first language is not English should take note of each course’s TOEFL criteria. Almost every Australian University requires completion of the TOEFL or IELTS language proficiency tests, and those scoring below 6.0 on IELTS or 90 on the TOEFL(iBT) are ineligible for a place in Australian tertiary education.

The majority of MBA courses take between one and two years to complete. It is important that you choose your MBA course wisely in order to fully benefit from it. In Australia the following MBAs are available:

  • General MBA – For those who seek a general management role, a place in the finance industry, or those interested in corporate strategy.
  • Executive MBA – Tailored towards more senior corporate managers who wish to make the next step towards directorship and boardroom level.
  • Specialist / Joint MBA – Some courses are available which are directed at a particular sector. Very suitable if you wish to expand your skill-set within your current industry.

If you require more information on how to apply for an MBA course in the Australia, contact IEC Abroad today for expert help and advice.