Study MBA In the USA

Of the approximately half a million foreign students in the USA, more than a fifth choose to study a Masters of Business Administration degree. MBAs are highly sought-after qualifications for both individuals and businesses, and are recognised globally for the knowledge, ingenuity and commitment required to obtain one.

MBAs help to develop the skills of those within industry in order to prepare them for senior management roles, and a USA MBA graduate can expect to earn on average over $100,000 after graduation.

Why study for an MBA in the USA?

As one of the world’s largest global economies and the nation most closely associated with modern capitalism, the USA has many highly accredited institutions offering the MBA, with Harvard Business School is ranked number 1 in the world for the MBA course.

International students who are interested in studying for an MBA in the USA should be aware that the cost of studying in the USA at a premier institution is between $88,000 and $95,000 per year, although lower cost courses are available at less-accredited institutions.

American business schools require you to have sixteen years of undergraduate education, equating to four years beyond your typical high school or junior college education; usually in the form of an undergraduate degree. Many of the most respected institutions require three to five years of work experience, although some schools will take students without it.

The MBA is designed as a course to be studied by current working professionals who wish to progress in their career. This means you will need proof of your prior employment credentials, perhaps in the form of a recommendation letter.

Where to study an MBA in the USA

MBA institutions also require the completion of one or more admissions essays and a good score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test. Top business schools only take students who have achieved around 700 or more on the GMAT. Additionally any students whose first language is not English should take note of each course’s TOEFL criteria.

Almost every USA University requires completion of the TOEFL or equivalent, and minimum scores of between 550 – 600 on the paper based TOEFL and 213 – 250 on the computer based TOEFL. Our team is highly experienced in helping international students apply to study in the USA, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require further assistance.

Types of MBA courses available

The majority of MBA courses take two years to complete. It is important that you choose your MBA course wisely in order to fully benefit from it. In the USA the following MBAs are available:

General MBA – For those who seek a general management role, a place in the finance industry, or those interested in corporate strategy.

Early Career MBA – An MBA more suited to recent college graduates who are yet to accumulate significant work experience. Executive MBA – Tailored towards more senior corporate managers who wish to make the next step towards directorship and boardroom level.

Specialist MBA – Some courses are available which are directed at a particular sector. Very suitable if you wish to expand your skill-set within your current industry.

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