Study Medicine in the USA

When we speak to international students who are interested in studying in the USA, the subject that we find at the top of most people’s lists is medicine. Not only is medicine their first choice in terms of their course, but the USA is often their main option for where they would wish to study.

In fact, a large of number of the world’s most renowned universities and colleges that offer medical courses are based in this spectacular country.

The path to study medicine in the USA for international students is a tough one, but with our connections to these partner universities in the USA, we can make it much easier.

Applying to study medicine in the USA

Medical schools in the USA all have different entry requirements, but it is unlikely you will be accepted without a four-year bachelors degree or equivalent.

Many schools will also have more specific requirements in terms of biology or chemistry qualifications, so make sure you research your chosen institution and course many years before applying.

Prospective medical students must also complete the Medical College Admissions Test. The MCAT tests your ability to solve problems, think critically, write clearly, and challenge your knowledge of important scientific concepts. Without a good score on the MCAT you will find it very hard to gain admittance to an American medical school.

US Medical Schools

When applying to your chosen institution you should be aware that most publically funded US medical schools are bound by State Laws to accept a majority of American students.

This is to ensure that the local area retains enough trained professionals for their own healthcare service, but it can prove a disadvantage for international students, so make sure you apply to a range of colleges and keep your options open.

Alternatively, you can apply to privately funded universities, although the fees for these institutions are considerably higher. The choice to study medicine is a long-term commitment, usually requiring four years of study followed by three to seven years residency in a professional environment.

Those who wish to specialise in an area may then require a further one to four years study, so make sure that you have planned financially and emotionally for such an endeavour.

How to apply to study medicine in the USA

If you do choose to study medicine in the United States you will be learning in some of the world’s foremost educational establishments. Our friendly and knowledgable team at Orient Resources Int are highly experienced in helping a huge number of international students to apply for study in the USA.

So, to receive more advice and information on how to study medicine in the USA, make sure you get in touch with Orient Resources Int today.