Undergraduate Courses in the USA

An Associate degree (or ‘community college’ course) takes 2 years to complete, with the option to enrol on a full Bachelors degree after successfully completing the course.

You can choose to study on either a terminal basis or a transfer basis with the transfer basis allowing you to switch to a 4 year Bachelors degree. This means you can study an Associate degree for 2 years and then spend your final two years of study on a Bachelors course.

The benefits of studying an Associate degree before moving on to a Bachelors course are multiple for international students as they are less expensive and offer smaller class sizes and more directed learning.

The entrance requirements are usually more flexible too and they can accept lower English language proficiency scores as they offer intensive English programs (IEPs) and English as a second language courses (ESL).

Bachelors Degree In The USA

Bachelor degree programs in the US take 4 years to complete and unlike undergraduate courses in the UK which can focus on one or two subjects throughout, US Bachelor degrees focus on general studies during the first (Freshman) and second year (Sophomore year).

During the third year (Junior) students begin in-depth study into their subject of choice (their ‘major’) before beginning their fourth and final year (Senior year).

Throughout all stages of degree, students in the US have the option to undergo Optional Practical Training (OPT) which allows them to gain practical experience in the workplace alongside their studies. Under an F-1 Visa international students are permitted to undergo OPT, however, our team can provide you with a full list of requirements needed by those international students who wish to apply for a USA study visa.

Admission Entry Requirements: Standardised Tests

In the USA a Grade Point Average (GPA) is used to determine a student’s academic performance. This is measured from 0 to 4.0 and may be completely different to how your exam results are measured in your home country! As part of the preconditions that allows for international students to apply for study in the USA, it is important that they’re capable of demonstrating their English language proficiency with one of two leading English proficiency tests in the USA; TOEFL and IELTS.

In the USA standardised tests may also be part of the admissions entry requirements in addition to your academic qualifications. Not all universities require standardised tests, but it’s worth finding out as early as possible if your chosen institution does so you can prepare in advance.
Tests for Undergraduate Programs:

  • SAT (A reasoning test based on critical reading, maths and writing)
  • ACT (Curriculum based, tests students in English, maths, reading and science reasoning)

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